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For this year we had decided about doing a week long trip to Geiranger and its surroundings at a suitable time during the summer.
Lousy weather predictions and, or conflicting activities had us moving the trip-schedule forward week after week.
Finally, in the middle of August we decided to go, even though we had only four days available and weather prediictions were far from good.

The weather forecast was spot on for the first day, as we arrived at our first destination Trollveggen, in a heavy continuous downpour of rain.
From there, we continued to Aandalsnes where we tried fishing, but the winds were too forceful for the boys light duty fishing equipment.
As we had wanted to go to Aalesund also, we continued there for a place to park for the night, and making it our first destination.

I have tried my best within the limits of available time during the trip, to capture the beauty of nature and also the mood of the trip with my camera.
What I have done in pictures and text on the following pages, is first and foremost a family album from a geat trip.
And then made it available on the internet for relatives and friends scattered all over the world.
Still it might do well as a source of inspiration for anyone thinking about making a similar trip.

If you have been reading this far, go ahead and enjoy the pictures with the storyline also.

There are three sections with approximately 10-20 pictures in each.
The single picture on each page is relatively large in size at 1200 x 900 pixels, but compressed for quick loading.
Navigating back and forth through the pictures is done with the arrows to the left and right below the main menu on each page.

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