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To experience the thrill of driving up or down Trollstigen was among the top priorities for this trip.
We had actually planned to go here on the first afternoon, leaving the trailer behind at the Trollveggen visitor center a few kilometers away.
That would let us drive up to the top and down again with the truck alone without the burden of the heavy trailer.
Heavy rain on our first day canceled those plans. Which was a pity as we had planned to go home from Geiranger through Jotunheimen instead of returning here.
I was aware that there were a 12,4 meter limit on length for buses to avoid problems in the tight turns.
But I didn't think this applied to vehicles with trailers, as they have much less of a turning radii even at longer lengths.
Only later was I told that the rule probably applies to all vehicles.

Pictures and storyline covering the route from Geiranger to Trollstigen

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