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We arrive here very late in the evening, hoping to find a place to park at the waterfront somewhere in the harbor.
Then we can go fishing in the morning if it is still raining.
The harbor turns out to be located in the central parts of this beautiful but somewhat cramped city,
making it next to impossible to find a suitable parking spot.

Luckily there is a large mobile home facility conveniently located at the waterfront just behind the pier where Hurtigruten docks.
After inching our rig into a free spot, we once again search through the various weather predictions.
Not at all bad, we eye a slight chance for favorable "sightseeing weather" in the next two days.
We will drive to Hellesylt in the evening and from there with the ferry through the Geeirangerfjord into Geiranger tomorrow morning.

Pictures and storyline covering the route from Aalesund to Geiranger